Love Thy Neighbour


The absurdity of war and it's destructive forces. This was a response to a prayer heard at Truro Cathedral, the prayer asked for sanctuary for those suffering through the chaos of war in Aleppo, it asked for the perpetrators to love thy neighbour.

Above you see two versions of the work, one in the studio and another on site at Truro Cathedral.

This piece marked the beginning of my current body of work in which I began to explore the materiality of war, chaos and political disruption. I began to engage with imagery of conflict and the power of that on audience. The same imagery that conjured in my mind when I first heard that prayer began to manifest in my work. The words of the Chaplin on that day managed to transcend ethnic and faith boundaries in a way that made me think critically of what an art object or assemblage could do. This came at a time when identity politics was becoming overwhelming and divisive and I wondered how I could respond to that phenomenon through my art practice.